Jeff King Hated Baseball:

In honor of Opening Day, this is one of the wilder stories I've read about.a player. And it happened with my Kansas City Royals:

On May 21, 1999 Jeff King suddenly and shockingly retired. He seemed healthy, and he seemed to be having a reasonably successful year — he was on a little six-game hitting streak at the time. It didn’t make a lot of sense … unless you realized how much he despised playing professional baseball. He couldn’t wait to get out. Later someone told me that he had, only the day before he retired, secured enough service time to guarantee his MLB pension.

Joe Posnanski retold the story a few years later:

His manager in Kansas City, Tony Muser, would remember him talking about how he didn’t exactly love the national anthem.

Muser, a Marine, was shocked. Then King explained.

“Every time I hear this song,” he said, “I have a bad day.”

King retired a month into the 1999 season; he was having back problems, which undoubtedly had something to do with it. But it was no coincidence that he retired 10 years almost to the day of his big league debut. He retired almost the minute his big-league pension had kicked in, and he moved to a ranch in Montana. He had literally been counting the days.

“My heart just wasn’t it,” he told a reporter a few years later.



Arthur Rhodes was left handed, and was mainly below average during his career. He played in Major League Baseball for 20 years, making a total of $37.9 million in the process.

In 2011, Arthur Rhodes was paid $3.9 million. According to Fangraphs, his performance meant that he should have earned -$5.8 million.

Mothers, teach your kids how to be left handed relief pitchers.

In 2005, Bobby Abreu had an uncharacteristic performance in March and April. He only hit .260/.371/.341. The numbers weren't bad, but not up to Abreu's usual standard.

Then, on May 9, his fiancee, Alicia Machado was filmed having sex with a castmate on the Chilean realty show, La Granja. Abreu immediately broke it off with Machado when the video came out.

At that point, Abreu began an assault on National League pitching. In May, he hit .396/.535/.792. He cooled off a little in June, but not by much. In the Home Run Derby, he 41 total home runs, the most homeruns ever (at that point).

Was Abreu's newfound vim a direct consequence of Machado's actions? We'll never know. But I do find it interesting how closely these events dovetailed.


Back in 1993, I got this card in a pack. It was worth $75 when I got it. I thought for sure this card would be my retirement fund. I should have sold the card the moment I got it.

As the years went on, Eddie's taciturn face was a rebuke for my idiocy. I eventually gave the card to a family friend who'd started collecting.

Today, it's worth around $18. Ah, the folly of youth.



I love Weird Celtics Twitter!

A few fun articles about it:

Where did Robert Williams’s nickname come from?:

The short answer is that Time Lord is an ironic reference to a few slip-ups Williams made shortly after getting drafted by the Celtics, oversleeping a introductory conference call with reporters and subsequently missing a flight to Boston, as well as the team’s first practice.

In an attempt to support Williams and get under the skin of those “uptight” media figures, Hebert and friends began joking that the rookie hadn’t actually been late, per se, but was simply “operating on a different timeline concurrent to the one we are in,” like some sort of basketball-playing “Doctor Who” character.

A Trip To The Ojeleye Factory: Inside The Delightfully Wacky World Of Weird Celtics Twitter:

On Semi Ojeleye:

DraftExpress had a graphic about Ojeleye’s ‘Thick, Jacked Frame’ and that he ‘Powers His Way To The Rim’ that nearly gave me a stroke when I saw it on draft night,” Hebert says. “The way body types have come to be described with buzzwords had always been absurd to me and this video breakdown was the greatest iteration. From then on, The Ojeleye Factory became the place you go to cultivate your Combat Muscle and hone your craft as a Strong Man of Sport.

On the since departed Kyrie Irving:

Kyrie had a Kobe-esque reputation as a disconnected gunner. I did not understand that Kyrie is a Spiritually Enlightened Pimp. He follows an Instagram page about Anarchist Farming and Chemtrails. He believes that an NBA season is not 82 games, but instead one Ultimate Game that lasts in perpetuity and that he is playing all games simultaneously so long as he doesn’t overreact. He’s Profoundly Funky. He is the prophet promised to Celtics Twitter in the Scrolls of Old and I am his MIND SHERPA, showing him the way of the riff and the shades and the cigarette.

Inside the cult of ‘combat muscles’ and ‘Weird Celtics Twitter’:

The Ojeleye Factory was a piece of Soviet-style propaganda about [Semi’s] gym, where his pursuit of extreme biceps and triceps as a bench player was to be lionized like they lionized the industrial worker...


Having their hands up while singing is the icing on the cake.

I think this is the best sports nickname ever:



This is a cautionary tale. I'm not saying all women are gold diggers. But as Stephen Jackson says, you need to be aware of who you lie down with:

This is an experiment to see which prediction source accumulates the most points using a standard scoring system.
* The highest possible score is 1,920 points. Each of the 6 rounds has a max possible score of 320 points.

There are three groups of test subjects:
Predictions generated by automated algorithms, predictions generated by experts, and predictions generated by guessing.

Source 2017 2018 2019 2021 2022
538 960 780 960 840 810
KenPom 1080 1100 1260 890 540
Poologic-LRMCP 1140 1120 930 840 560
Poologic-LRMCPLog 870 560
Poologic-Original 1090 1080 960 870 560
Poologic-Sagarin 1120 1070 940 870 570
Poologic- Vegas 1410 1080 650 890 590
Power Rank 940 1110 1250 1030 500
ESPN Bracket Predictor 1100 570
BetLab 940 780
Jay Bilas 1130 640 730 850
Neil Greenberg 1390 410 880 400 420
Misc Experts* 660 900 710 450
Dick Vitale - 590 710 400
3 Point Percentage 1210 940 610
ESPN Auto Generated 650 810 1250 730 410
Bing Predicts 820 670 720
Public Consensus 770 840 590
Spreadsheet - 510 1190 860 600
Pure Guessing/Jessicca 600 1030 390 1100 1180
Chalk 1000 620

*- Experts used were: 2017- Howard Megdal, 2019- Seth Greenberg, 2021- Pete Thamel, 2022- Seth Davis


There was a time when giving up smoking was a common reason for improved athletic performance.


I love stories like this about simple kindness:

Jaden said Marshall and Kelley had complimented him on his Colin Kaepernick 49ers jersey when he walked into the video game store to inquire about the price of the Xbox One. Kelley said Marshall overheard Jaden mention something about saving up to buy the video game console and Marshall asked his teammate if he was interested in pitching in to buy it for him.

If I was Oladipo, my sole mission in life after would have been to destroy everything this child held dear. Such insolence cannot be tolerated:

When I was in my freshman year at KU, I was playing basketball at the Robinson Center one afternoon. We had the run of the court because of my teammates' scoring prowess and my extremely dirty play and ability to pull down rebounds in traffic.

Then, a group of tall gentlemen walked in. Among them was Paul Pierce, then a sophomore. I was assigned the task of guarding Pierce. I remember setting up in my stance. I looked to the left to check the guy on the wing. When I turned my head back around, Pierce was gone. I looked behind me, and he was laying the ball in about 10 feet away. Pierce is the quickest person I've ever encountered in my life. He blew past me twice more, and then I faked a calf injury to preserve what little of my pride was left.

Everyone knows I'm a great lover of custom handshakes.