What's For Dinner?

This happened when I was 15. I'm in my 40s now.

My NMom was undiagnosed bipolar at the time (she's a terrible person even with that diagnosis. She'd gone back to her home country because her behavior got too out of hand. We were told it was so she could rest. This was the second time it happened, the first coming when I was 13. The previous time, I ended up having to take care of the house chores because my NDad refuses to do anything he feels is beneath him.

One of the duties that fell on my shoulders was cooking dinner. It's not like I was a gourmet chef. I'd usually just heat pizza up.

My NDad came home one night and I hadn't started dinner yet. He asked, "What are we having to eat?" I replied, "You tell me."

"I worked all day."

"I'm a kid."

This response threw him for a loop and he went to his room. I ended up starting dinner not long after.

Even though it was traumatic at the time, I think back and laugh at my response. One of the few things I can laugh about, really.``